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Five Security Truths for 2018: Part 2

In a recent webinar on the cybersecurity landscape of 2017, we examined five security truths that are critical for enterprise security professionals to understand as we kick off 2018. We shared the first three truths in Part 1 of this blog post, while this post digs into truths four and five. We based these truths on Lumeta research and conversations with customers.


Truth #4: Meaningful IoT Security is 5+ Years Away

 ICS attacks within IoT are increasingly becoming a regular occurrence for organizations. Overall, enterprise confidence that vendors are able to prevent these attacks is low. This is because traditional IT security solutions that claim visibility and continuous monitoring, often expose the network to gaping security holes. To scan the full environment, and secure and preserve separation across IT and OT environments, organizations should take these steps t prevent and detect ICS attacks:


  • Identify new network assets at the SoC and determine whether those assets are changing layer-3 network topology
  • Identify unauthorized network paths or segmentation violations in real-time
    • To/from IT/OT networks
    • To/from OT networks and the internet
  • Determine if cyber controls are preventing malware call back, command and control channels, and data ex-filtration


Truth #5: Vendors Claiming Full/Complete/Total Visibility Give a False Sense of Security

 Most security vendors claim “comprehensive” or “complete” visibility, but this is simply untrue. Lumeta Spectre is the only solution we know of that offers 100 percent real-time infrastructure visibility, real-time change monitoring and threat detection for preventing successful breaches without agents. Organizations that use Lumeta Spectre can:


  • Find, on average, 40 percent more IPs and even whole networks beyond other visibility or security solution
  • Monitor for every network and endpoint add/drop or path change, especially at the edge/perimeter
  • Within minutes uncover unauthorized movement, segmentation violations and leak paths
  • Detect unauthorized flows, encryption, Zombies, C2 activity and other attack vectors common to advanced attacks


To learn more about Lumeta Spectre and other Lumeta products, please visit http://www.lumeta.com/products/


To download the recording of our January 25 webinar “2017 Cyber Security Year-in-Review & 2018 Predictions,” please visit http://www.lumeta.com/lumetas-2017-cyber-security-year-review-2018-predictions-webinar-replay/.