A Sense of Security Blog

Integrated Security Stack for Contextual Threat and Network Intelligence

by Brandon Hoffman, Chief Technology Officer

As the threat landscape continues to grow and expand, the security professionals on the front lines continue to be inundated with systems and solutions that provide great data but lack context needed from adjacent solutions. It is not just about basic integration of solutions … this is about a fully integrated security stack with an ecosystem powerful enough to provide the data needed, in the timeframe needed, to stop attacks. That is the real goal of the Cisco pxGrid ecosystem.

Lumeta is very excited about being part of the ever-growing set of solutions to be integrated into pxGrid. By providing real-time network situational awareness and breach detection data to pxGrid, customers gain a deeper understanding of how machines and people on their network are communicating. That is a foundational piece to preventing and containing attacks.

Network context is, perhaps, the most important critical piece of information needed for security solutions to be effective. Likewise, Cisco pxGrid customers will gain enhanced context for Cisco ISE (Identity Services Engine) to help automate analysis and take real action faster. Lumeta and Cisco pxGrid, plus the other ecosystem products, provide a powerful security stack to help even the most complex organizations gain the visibility they need.