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Lumeta Featured in the 2018 TAG Cyber Security Report

Ed Amoroso, a rising visionary in the cyber security world, is the founder and CEO of TAG Cyber. His group just released the TAG Cyber Security Annual for 2018 this January and Volume 1 (of 3) has this nifty periodic table of the top security fifty controls. The overall report also includes a detailed cross-reference listings of world-class cyber security vendors supporting each control. Each of the fifty control outlooks was developed to help security teams optimize their programs.


As Ed points, out, there are many complex frameworks that exist to guide security teams, but the TAG Cyber controls match up with the specific, day-to-day, practical issues that will most likely impact today’s enterprise security organizations. Lumeta is proud to be included in the report and to make it simpler, Lumeta has our excerpt from the report HERE. I also had the pleasure to sit down with Ed Amoroso in New York City for an interview on areas that touch upon his fifty controls, but also how they apply to some of the greater security issues emerging across many organizations for 2018. It is available but at Lumeta.com, but also here on YouTube. Lastly, Check out Ed’s new Blog post on Leak paths and Lumeta HERE [Link].