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Security and the Cloud

Security problems won't kill the cloud as we know it.

Why not? The benefits of cloud – rapid time to availability of application services, near real-time deployment or accessibility, flexibility, and (let's not forget!) affordability – are already ingrained into businesses. It'd be difficult to turn that ship around. And we don't have to.

Those very benefits, however, mean that network and security operations teams have less visibility and knowledge about how cloud activities initiated by business users are impacting overall enterprise network topology and risk to any critical data that rides on the cloud.

Because those network and security operations teams are still responsible for the protection of critical enterprise and customer data assets, what will change is they will need to secure and manage the network infrastructure differently. IT will need to proactively scan and monitor the network for changes; they can't continue to operate within just their "known" network assets. They will need to pay particular attention to out-of-policy events – for example, if a new cloud instance violates network segmentation policy of access to protected data.

Lumeta just announced the availability of Lumeta ESI on AWS Marketplace, which makes it that much easier to gain complete visibility into virtual cloud deployments ...  not to mention visibility into on-premises infrastructure and network edge monitoring. IT can scan their AWS cloud, their traditional enterprise and their Internet-facing presence for a comprehensive view of the network.