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Technology Partnerships Enhance Threat Detection and Protection

Lumeta joined our partner Tripwire at this year’s RSA conference, and had the opportunity to present a session "Maximize Visibility for Vulnerability Management."

Here is an overview:

Maximize Visibility for Vulnerability Management

Tripwire and Lumeta presented on today’s visibility challenge that accounts for unmanaged and unsecured devices, a disappearing network edge and corporate change. Lumeta typically identifies a ~20% gap in enterprise visibility across various industries.

But what does the gap really mean? It means that network change and complexity is outpacing policy and procedures. Nowadays, being compliant simply isn’t enough because organizations can only manage and secure what they know. An effective vulnerability management strategy must incorporate comprehensive “network situational awareness,” in order to actively reduce overall risk. The Lumeta and Tripwire integration of this procedure enables clients to:

  • Close the gap on network visibility
  • Gain comprehensive network intelligence on every connection, device and leak across the enterprise
  • Address vulnerabilities and risk


Read the full post on the Tripwire website.