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The solution to the "boom"!

There is a boom of connected devices that every business struggles with on a consistent basis. In other words, the Internet is full of objects and appliances with embedded sensors and chips capable of communicating online. This will result in 50 billion devices being connected to the Internet by 2020. Most will have little impact on the enterprise itself (e.g., refrigerators and coffee makers). That being said, many of them will, leading to a multitude of problems.

Consequently, businesses will have to support more devices and more applications, whether they are hosted on-premises or in the cloud. These applications have to work all the time, and they have to be secure. Network perimeters are changing, and IT now has to contend with a large number of devices and a large number of applications that may be beyond the traditional network perimeter.

This problem forces IT to think about their approach in a different way. An IT supervisor has to be constantly aware at all times. They have to watch the network, understand the network, and be aware of what problems the network faces.

Lumeta’s network situational awareness solutions help identify these types of devices, in all their great variety. The solutions also provide visibility into the network itself, so IT can be constantly aware that new devices have joined. After this, Lumeta identifies where in the network these devices are. If a web server joins a web server network, it is most likely expected behavior. If a refrigerator joins, that’s a different story!

Narrowed down, IT needs to be constantly aware of three things:

  1. A new device joins the network; is that expected?
  2. This new device … what is it?
  3. Is this new device where it is supposed to be?

Failing to answer these basic, but critical, questions leaves a gap in visibility and knowledge – one that might have a significant impact on network security, unless of course it’s just another coffee maker.