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Lumeta Debuts New Cloud Security Capabilities for Azure and AWS

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Lumeta announced significant cloud enhancements to its real-time network situational awareness platform with the delivery of  . New cloud optimization for Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments extend the platform’s ability to work across any environment. By providing full visibility into the dynamic nature of the cloud in real-time, users are alerted to any network segmentation violations as they happen. Lumeta Spectre for Cloud enables organizations to run on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid cloud environments.

We recently held a webinar with Lumeta partner Gigamon, where we examined the importance of unified visibility for securing both on premise and cloud infrastructure. Click here to watch a replay.

Public cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google are responsible for security of the cloud, but enterprises are responsible for security in the cloud. Despite the growing number of security solutions on the market, IT and security teams remain hamstrung by the lack of visibility into their organization’s digital infrastructure and extended network of third parties. You can’t protect what you can’t see.

These new integrations strengthen Lumeta Spectre’s existing cloud capabilities, such as the platform’s integration with Gigamon GigaVue V-Series for Cloud which enables Spectre to use aggregated NetFlow data to provide behavioral analytics and cybersecurity breach detection for real-time monitoring optimized for cloud environments. Lumeta Spectre for Cloud delivers unmatched network visibility with real-time change monitoring enabling security teams to continuously assess their cloud environment.

Learn how the Lumeta and Gigamon integration provides end-to-end insight and security to continuously assess your cloud and hybrid cloud environments at http://www.lumeta.com/solutions/cloud-security/.