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2018 Cisco Cybersecurity Report with Lumeta - Next-Gen Threats


We’re excited to share the release of the latest Cisco 2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report which once again, features research from Lumeta on the evolving threat landscape to help provide critical industry insights related to enterprise threat intelligence and cybersecurity trends.

Every year, security teams and the organizations they support rely on Cisco’s comprehensive cybersecurity reports to keep informed of the current threat landscape, techniques that attackers use to compromise enterprise security, and ways to help protect your organization’s network and infrastructure.

Lumeta contributed to the report by sharing critical data gleaned from the Lumeta Spectre platform and that research is reflected in multiple areas of the report. One area we paid particular attention to this year was leak paths – sharing tips on how to detect existing leak paths, and best practices for identifying common infrastructure vulnerabilities that cause new leak paths. Leak path detection and mitigation is such an integral component to modern enterprise security that Lumeta recently debuted a new addition to its Spectre product family with the delivery of Spectre for Leak Path Monitoring.

Cisco is an important partner for Lumeta, and we applaud the entire Cisco team for collaborating with Lumeta and other leading security vendors to uncover next-generation threats – and helpful tips for beating them.

Download a free copy of the Cisco’s Cybersecurity Report 2018 at http://bit.ly/2HyjNBI.

To read our team’s cyber security predictions for 2018, visit the Lumeta blog at http://www.lumeta.com/resources/blog/five-security-truths-2018-part-1/.